Costume and Set Design

We Love Africa… – Demo # 1

We Love Africa and Africa Loves Us – Demo # 1

Institutet, Nya Rampen and Markus Öhrn has been invited to 100° Berlin 2011, to show a first demo of their coming performance We Love Africa and Africa Loves Us.

On the imagery of Africa and Africans in the drama of the helper and the helped. Humanitarian aid workers, just like the explorers of colonialist times, sacrifice their safe and comfortable family life for the adventure and for the cause – to bring light where darkness r…eigns. The Dark Continent must be penetrated, enlightened and saved!

On 100°, the artistic team behind Conte d’Amour presents the first demo of their new project. We Love Africa and Africa Loves Us will have a premiere at Ballhaus Ost in 2012.

Go here to see the post of the premier of We Love Africa – and Africa Loves Us at Ballhaus Ost (Berlin), 5th October 2012.

Direction, Set Design, Video: Markus Öhrn
On stage: Elmer Bäck, Anders Carlsson, Rasmus Slätis, Jakob Öhrman
Text: Anders Carlsson
Music: Andreas Catjar
Costume and Props: Pia Aleborg
Light: Daniel Goody
Set Design: Oskar Nilsson
Producers: Alexandra Hill, Elin Westerlund

100° Berlin 2011
Nya Rampen
Markus Öhrn

Photo: Markus Öhrn