The Röhsska Museum – new acquisitions to the collections

The Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg
5 Feb – 12 may

The Röhsska Museum collects both old and contemporary jewellery. When it comes to buying new pieces for the collections, the emphasis is on jewellery art from our own era, often characterised by a new approach to the traditional materials and symbolic values associated with jewellery. This small exhibition presents a selection of our purchases from the last five years.

Works by artists living in Sweden, including Pia Aleborg, Sofia Björkman, Castello Hansen, Hanna Hedman, Karin Johansson and Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding are shown togheter with pieces by Lin Cheung (England), Gemma Draper (Spain), Lina Peterson (England), Ulrich Reithofer (The Netherlands), Lucy Sarneel (The Netherlands), Bettina Speckner (Germany), Lars Sture (Norway) and Manuel Vilhena (Portugal).

In the image you can see my necklace from the collection APARTFROM (2005), being presented for the friends of Röhsska Museum.

The Röhsska Museum

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