By Katja Wik

I did Costume- and Production Design, as well as Make Up in this feature film.

“The concept set out in The Ex-wife comes from my observations of female behaviour over several generations. With this film, I want to look at the limitations that women both consciously and subconsciously set up for themselves. How is it that so many women find they cannot fulfil themselves when in a relationship? The purpose of the film is to address a topic that can generate discussion, with the aim of breaking old habits and changing direction.” 

– Katja Wik

Script and Direction: Katja Wik
Producer: Marie Kjellson (Kjellson&Wik)
Cinemaphotographer: Martin Top Jacobsen, Daniel Takacs, Nokokure Zaire
Production Designer: Pia Aleborg, Pernilla Åsberg
Costume Designer: Pia Aleborg
Costume and Set Designer assistant: Fianna Robijn and Kristina Blom
Make Up: Pia Aleborg, Tove Eneroth, Sofia Gilensparr
Cast: Maria Sundbom, Nina Zanjani, Ellen Olaison, Robin Keller, Karl Linnertorp

Production Company: Kjellson&Wik