Premiere – Bis Zum Tod by Markus Öhrn

Bis zum Tod / Until Death
Theater der Welt – Mannheim

From Markus Öhrn / Institutet / Nya Rampen
An opera by Markus Öhrn, Nya Rampen and Instituter

05 June 8:00 PM
06 June 8:00 PM, artist talk after the show
Probenzentrum Neckarau

With Bis Zum Tod the team of Nya Rampen, Institutet and Markus Öhrn is completing a triptych dealing with the western middle class nuclear family structure: If Conte d’Amour (2010) described a story of vertical stepping down into the psychotic cellar of romantic love, while We love Africa and Africa loves us (2012) dealt with an outsourcing projection of inner chaos on a far away, imaginary continent, this third and final piece is dealing with love as a power of negation. Love becomes not only a paradox of identity formation, but also a death drive mechanism of self-destruction inherent to the psycho-logic of the family.

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Artistic direction, stage, video: Markus Öhrn
Music, composition: Janne Lounatvuori, Linus Öhrn, Derek Holzer
Costumes: Pia Aleborg
Text: Victoria Larsson, Markus Öhrn, Anders Carlsson
Production: Sina Kießling
Technical direction: Patrick Tucholski

Assistant director: Anne Herwanger
Audio and visual assistent: Henriette Berntsen

with: Jacob Öhrman, Elmer Bäck, Anders Carlsson, Rasmus Slätis, Janne Lounatvuori, Linus Öhrn, Derek Holzer


Photo: (1) Sofya Aleynikova, (2-8) Christian Kleiner