Curator: Monica Gaspar

The exhibition event Metadomestic will be opened at the Landesgalerie Linz in 22nd September 2011.

Metadomestic sets out to explore current responses to the notion of applied art today and its impact in the discourse of art and design. The exhibition attempts to revise and mobilize the role of objects, their aesthetics and performance in the very particular microcosm of the contemporary home. In the hands of contemporary artists and designers/makers the term ‘applied’ has adopted a renewed currency, able to operate aesthetic interferences in everyday life and to bring the perplexing encounter between people and ‘things’ at the forefront of its purpose. Taking inspiration from the short story by Georges Perec “approaches to what?” (L’Infraordinaire, 1977) the exhibition will bring together the work by several reknown artists and designers that answer to this question.

Metadomestic invites the public to challenge their conventions on what they do understand under “applied” and develop new readings while discovering contemporary positions in a multidisciplinary approach to object-based practices.

Participating artists: Pia Aleborg, Martin Arnold, Barnaby Barford, Sebastian Brajkovic, David Clarke, Gemma Draper, Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby, Martino Gamper, Bauke Knottnerus, Thomas Mailaender, Yuka Oyama, Georges Perec, Anders Ruhwald, Veronika Schubert, Ola Simonsson & Johannes Stjärne Nilsson, Studio Makkink & Bey.

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