Group Exhibitions

The Group and Solo Exhibitions is also listed in Pia’s CV, visit the Press page to download.

2013 “New Acquisations to the Collections”, Röhsska Museum in Göteborg, (Swe).
2013 “ALLA”, Gustavsbergs Konsthall, Gustavsberg (Swe)
2013 “ALLA”, Form/Design Center, Malmö (Swe)
2013 “ALLA”, Röhsska Museum, Göteborg (Swe)

2012 “Metadomestic”, curated by Monica Gaspar at MIMA, Middlesbrough (UK).
2012 “Jewellery Unleashed”, curated by Liesbet den Besten, Museum Bellerive, Zürich.

2011 “Jewellery Unleashed”, curated by Liesbet den Besten, Museum of Modern Art Arnhem (Ned).
2011 “Metadomestic”, curated by Monica Gaspar at Landesgalerie Linz, Austria.
2011 “The Ring – Jewel Forever”, The Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
2011 “The Ring – Jewel Forever”, Gallery Hnoss, Göteborg (Swe.)
2011 “Currency Exhibition”, Galleri Officinet, Kopenhagen (Den).
2011 “Currency Exhibition”, Internationale Handwerksmesse München (Ger).
2011 “Currency Exhibition”, Galleri Format, Oslo (Nor).

2010 “Currency Exhibition”, Kammerhof Museen Gmunden, Gmunden (Austria)
2010 “Sofa New York 2010”, Represented by Ornamentum, New York, (Usa)
2010 “Frame”, Platina in conjunction with Schmuck Craft and Design Fair, Munich, (Ger)

2009 “That was then… this is now”, curated by Heidi Bjørgan, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, (Nor)
2009 “For long and faithful duty – 10 years of beauty”, Platina, Stockholm, (Swe)
2009 “So fake they’ll think it’s real”, Sienna Gallery, Curated by 18K Gold Tone, Lenox MA (Usa)
2009 “Borta bra men hemma bäst”, Galleri Platina, Stockholm (Swe)
2009 “Sakernas Tillstånd”, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, (Swe)
2009 “Frame”, in conjunction with Schmuck 09, Munich, (Ger)
2009 “The Dreamer and the Dream”, Fashion and Textile Museum, London (Eng)
2009 “The Silence is so Loud”, Gallery Loupe, Montclair NJ (USA)

2008 “Scandinavian Jewellery”, Electrum Gallery, London (Eng)
2008 “Extended Swedish Contemporary Jewellery”, The Cornerstone Gallery, Liverpool (Eng)
2008 “Tendenser”, Galleri F15, Moss, curated by Love Jönsson (Nor)

2007 “Extended Swedish Contemporary Jewellery”, Vitebsk (Blr)
2007 “Extended Swedish Contemporary Jewellery”, Minsk (Blr)
2007 “Hnoss Depended”, Röhsska Museet, Gothenburg (Swe)
2007 “Makalöst glamoröst”, Style at Sthlm. Stockholmsmässan, Älvsjö (Swe)
2007 Gallery Nivå 125, Båstad. (Swe)
2007 Lysekils konsthall, Lysekil. (Swe)
2007 “Love Signs”, Galleri Platina, Stockholm. (Swe)
2007 “Made in Scandinavia”, curated by Norska Riksutstillinger and Galleri Temp in Norway (Nor)

2006 “Fashion Deluxe No6”, (Swedish Style in Tokyo) Ginza Gallery, Tokyo (Japan)
2006 “Extended – Swedish Contemporary Jewellery, The Ambermuseum, Kaliningrad (Rus)
2006 “Extended – Swedish Contemporary Jewellery, Galleri Mars, Moscow (Rus)
2006 KORU 2 – International Contemporary Jewellery, (triennal), Lappeeranta (Fin)
2006 “Rookies”, Älvsjö (Swe)
2006 “Made in Scandinavia”, curated by Norska Riksutstillinger and Galleri Temp in Norway (Nor)

2005 hnoss extended, during “Konsthantverksbiennalen”, Röda Sten, Göteborg (Swe)
2005 “Vad skall grannen säga!”, Galleri Platina, Stockholm. (Swe)
2005 hnoss extended – Pannrummet at Konstepidemin, Göteborg (Swe)
2005 “200 Rings”, Sam Shaw Gallery, Northwest Harbour, Maine (USA).
2005 “200 Rings”, Gallery M, Cleveland, Ohio (during The SNAG-conference). (USA)
2005 “Inspirerad av natur?”, (Platina) Bergianska Trädgården, Stockholm (Swe)
2005 Stockholm Art Fair, (Platina) Älvsjö.(Swe)
2005 Galleri 316m2, (Platina) Hudiksvall.(Swe)
2005 “200 Rings”, Obsidian Gallery, Tuscon, Arizona.(USA)
2005 “Made in Scandinavia”, curated by Norska Riksutstillinger and Galleri Temp in Norway (Nor)

2004 “200 Rings”, Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, California (USA).
2004 “Situation”, Galleri Konstepidemin, Gothenburg, (Swe).
2004 Galleri Vesslerna, Trollhättan (Swe).
2004 “Platina på Gotland”, Teatergalleriet, Gotland (Swe).
2004 “20-Year, Jubilee exhibition”, Sintra Konsthantverksgrupp, Gothenburg (Swe).
2004 “Fashion DeLuxe”, Galleri Box, Kungshöjd, Gothenburg (Swe).
2004 “Beyond Adornment”, MEO Art Foundation, Budapest (Hungary).
2004 “Beyond Adornment”, Swedish Style in Tokyo, Ms Reiko Tokyo (Japan).

2003 Galleri Vesslerna, Trollhättan (Swe).
2003 “Beyond Adornment”, Landskrona Museum, Landskrona (Swe).
2003 “Things We Do for Love”, Galleri Platina, Stockholm (Swe).
2003 “Beyond Adornment”, Gävle Konstcentrum, Gävle (Swe).
2003 “Made in Scandinavia”, Galleri Temp, Bergen (Norway).

2002 “Beyond Adornment”, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Centre, Istanbul (Turkey).

2001 “På Tapeten”, Blå Huset, Konstepidemin, Gothenburg (Swe).
2001 “Annual International Graduation Show”, Galleri Marzee, Nijmegen (Ned) and SOFA, Chicago (USA).
2001 “UT”, HDK Graduation Show, The Rhöss Museum, Gothenburg (Swe).

2000 Graduation Show, MA Fashion, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London (U.K).

1999 “´99 International Craft Exhibition”, The Museum of Art Crafts, Itami (Japan).
1999 “Vårsalongen”, Liljevalchs Konsthall, Stockholm (Swe).
1999 “Talente ´99” , Die Handwerkmesse, München (Germany).
1999 “Så kan det gå”, The Röhss Museum, Gothenburg (Swe).

1998 “Jewelry in Public”, Stockholm Train Station and at The Fashion Fair, Älvsjö (Swe).
1998 “Rituella Smycken”, Galleri Metallum, Stockholm (Swe).
1998 “GOT-N.Y”, The Röhss Museum in Gothenburg (Swe), Båtmanskasernen in Karlskrona (Swe), Tornet in Lidköping (Swe), Länsmuseét in Kristianstad (Swe), Kronan in Luleå (Swe) and at five locations in New York and Philadelphia (USA).