Premier in Berlin: Conte D’Amour by Markus Öhrn

Conte D’Amour is a collaboration between the Swedish theatre group Institutet and the Finnish group Nya Rampen, investigating the themes: nuclear family and romantic love in the case of Joseph Fritzl and his cellar-bunker in Amstetten, Austria. The performance is also a cooperation with Ballhaus Ost in Berlin, where the premiere was held on the 14th of May 2010. It also peformed at “theaterszene europa” in Cologne 26th of May.

Conte D’ Amour is now performing at Inkonst / Malmö 15th-30th of October and at Baltic Circle International Theatre Festival in Helsinki 17th-2st of november 2010.

I have made the costumes and some extra members of the family for this Play.

Text: Anders Carlsson
Direction and Set Design: Markus Öhrn
Costume: Pia Aleborg
Music and Composer: Andreas Catjar
Light: Daniel Goody
Actors: Rasmus Slätis, Elmer Bäck, Jakob Öhrman, Anders Carlsson
Photo: Markus Öhrn
Production: Alexandra Hill

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