Premiere – Bis Zum Tod by Markus Öhrn

Bis zum Tod / Until Death
Theater der Welt – Mannheim

From Markus Öhrn / Institutet / Nya Rampen
An opera by Markus Öhrn, Nya Rampen and Instituter

05 June 8:00 PM
06 June 8:00 PM, artist talk after the show
Probenzentrum Neckarau

With Bis Zum Tod the team of Nya Rampen, Institutet and Markus Öhrn is completing a triptych dealing with the western middle class nuclear family structure: If Conte d’Amour (2010) described a story of vertical stepping down into the psychotic cellar of romantic love, while We love Africa and Africa loves us (2012) dealt with an outsourcing projection of inner chaos on a far away, imaginary continent, this third and final piece is dealing with love as a power of negation. Love becomes not only a paradox of identity formation, but also a death drive mechanism of self-destruction inherent to the psycho-logic of the family.

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Artistic direction, stage, video: Markus Öhrn
Music, composition: Janne Lounatvuori, Linus Öhrn, Derek Holzer
Costumes: Pia Aleborg
Text: Victoria Larsson, Markus Öhrn, Anders Carlsson
Production: Sina Kießling
Technical direction: Patrick Tucholski

Assistant director: Anne Herwanger
Audio and visual assistent: Henriette Berntsen

with: Jacob Öhrman, Elmer Bäck, Anders Carlsson, Rasmus Slätis, Janne Lounatvuori, Linus Öhrn, Derek Holzer


World Premiere – FORCE MAJEURE by Ruben Östlund


Cannes 2014, Un Certain Regard:
the Jury Prize goes to Ruben Östlund’s Force Majeure.

I am the Costume Designer for this feature film. With a lot of credits to Hege Riksfjord Hådell and Sara Pertmann for for helping make the costumes fantastic!!!

“Force Majeure” (“Turist”) highlights behavior that people have seen in others — mostly in conflict areas — think they’ll never resort to, and then have to admit that they have that side to their character.”
It turns on a happy Swedish family — father, mother, two kids — holidaying in the French Alps. An avalanche sparks a spontaneous act of cowardice from the father, who can’t understand why he reacted that way.

See Trailer here

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Force Majeure on IMDb


Milagres – Jeweled Cave by Mikel Cee Karlsson

Milagres – Jeweled Cave

I made the Costumes, Make-Up and Set Design for this video.

Director: Mikel Cee Karlsson

Music: Milagres

See video here.


Knuffen by My Sandström

Knuffen (The Shove) had it’s premiere during Göteborg International Film Festival 2014.

I have made the Costume Design, Set Design and Mask for this short film.

Director: My Sandström
Photo: Mårten Nilsson
Sound: Anders Kwarnmark
Set Design, Costume Desig and Make-Up: Pia Aleborg
Actors: Magnus Sundberg, Hanna Ullerstam, Annafrida Bengtsson, Marcus Carlsson, Jarle Hammer and Giorgio Dughieri
Producer: Camilla Malmberg (Filmbruk AB).


Premiere: Allegorie des Glück by Markus Öhrn

Thursday 30. January, 20.00 h
Allegorie des Glücks
at Theater Neumarkt, Zürich

A Black Metal exercitation about family
By Markus Öhrn
A co-production with Nya Rampen

Happiness has become the Holy Grail of our society. It’s the gratuity for success, the answer to all of life’s problems, like the default ending of fairytales: “… and they lived happily ever after.” An ubiquitous image of happiness is fed to us as being within reach. It appears to be right there, all we need to do is seize it. We have no other option but to aspire to it. We are fully aware that our longing is commodified, commercialized, utilized, and still, we don’t seem to have a choice. To justify our existence, we are damned to pursue success. Success is redemptive, failure is hell.

Markus Öhrn’s work explores the compulsive character of our constant feeling of not having done enough to pursue our own happiness. He creates a performance that focuses on the repetitive, idle moments in the everyday life of a typical European family, which today, as before, is still considered the nucleus of our society. The mundane, repetitive patterns and rituals that conceal inherent chasms become the stuff of an artistic research that scratches at the shiny surface of our accepted models, and bores through to the gloominess that lies beneath. A key element of the play is the operatic Black-Metal performed live by a guitarist and analogue synthesizers, which sets the play’s atmosphere.

Director/Concept/Video: Markus Öhrn
Music: Janne Lounatvuori
Space design: Dominic Huber
Costume design: Pia Aleborg
Costume assistant: Sabina Winkler
Dramaturgy: Ralf Fiedler, Fadrina Arpagaus


Janne Lounatvuori, Jakob Öhrman, Linus Öhrn, Markus Öhrn, Janet Rothe, Rasmus Slätis

PHOTO: © caspar urban weber, zurich, switzerland


Lifestyle by Henrik Andersson


Premiere, Göteborg International Film Festival, 25th of January.

I did the costume design and make up for LIFESTYLE.

Director: Henrik Andersson
Cinematography: Gustav Danielsson
Set design: Katarina Elvén
Costume design: Pia Aleborg
Make up: Pia Aleborg
Speciel effects mask: instructions by Gunnar Lundgren
Sound: Gustav Berger

With: Rafael Pettersson, Saskia Husberg, Emilie Lindberg and Rasmus Lindgren

Optical Recordings.
Lifestyle, Göteborg International Film Festival.


Rehearsals in Zürich

Rehearsals at Theatre Neumarkt in Zürich.


A Black Metal Exerzitium about the Family
by Markus Öhrn
a coproduction with Nya Rampen

PREMIER 30th of January 2014 at Theatre Neumarkt, Zürich.

Regie/Konzept/Video: Markus Öhrn
Music: Andreas Catjar
Set Design: Dominic Huber
Costume: Pia Aleborg
Dramaturgie: Ralf Fiedler


Rasmus Slätis, Jakob Öhrman, Janet Rothe, Andreas Catjar, Linus Öhrn, Markus Öhrn

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Exhibition at Platina, my last.


ODENGATAN 68, Stockholm.

“Contemporary Swedish art jewellery is a far cry from what is perceived as typically Swedish. Today’s jewellery artists engage with and reflect on problems in society using a material vocabulary that goes far beyond precious metals and gemstones. This book explores how art jewellery has at last taken its rightful place in the world of contemporary art. Inger Wästberg has produced a volume that serves as a reference source for curators, collectors and other artists. Thirty-one Swedish Jewellery artists are represented from the 1990s to today, with an introduction by Inger Wästberg and a foreword by David Revere McFadden.” – text from the backcover of the book

In this exhibition I am showing a project from 2001, “Take You Seat”. This was one of my first projects and it is also shown in the book CONTEMPORARY SWEDISH ART JEWELLERY by Inger Wästberg. I choose to show this project since I still like it, and it is a nice way to round up my career as a Jewellery Artist, because I have decided to take a long brake from this field now.

Pia Aleborg, Anna Atterling, Yasar Aydin, Sara Borgegård, Rut-Malin Barklund, Sofia Björkman, Klara Brynge, Ingrid Bärndal, Jenny Edlund, Petronella Eriksson, Hanna Hedman, Catarina Hällzon, Karin Johansson, Agnieszka Knap, Auli Laitinen, Agnes Larsson, Hanna Liljenberg, Åsa Lockner , Märta Mattsson, Lena Olson, Annika Pettersson, Helena Sandström, Petra Schou, Aud Charlotte Ho Sook Sinding, Åsa Skogberg, Sanna Svedestedt, Tore Svensson, Mona Wallström, Hedvig Westermark, Annika Åkerfelt, Mike Årsjö.

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New Book!

Contemporary Swedish Art Jewellery
Author: Inger Wästberg
Stockholm: Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing, 2013

My work is featured in this new book!

Swedish jewellery – represented by names as Wiwen Nilsson and Torun Bülow-Hübe – had its high days during the 1950s and ’60s. The anti-commercial and anti-decorative political trends in the period after 1968 prevented a new generation. What has happened after modernism? A new generation has emerged, representing the “art jewellery”; jewellery in close connection with, and reflecting other trends in, the artistic field. The new Swedish jewellery artists have often had difficulties being accepted as artists. They stand for a new language of jewellry, using new materials and often reflecting changes in society and environment. Here Inger Wästberg, art historian and collector of contemporary Swedish jewellery, presents 25 of the best contemporary artists illustrated with several examples of their work. A much needed overview of an exiting and challenging art form.

Technical data: 208 pages, 24×22 cm, images in full colour, text in english

ISBN/ISSN: 978-91 -87543-01-2

More information: here.


Koko-di-koko-da by Johannes Nyholm

I just went to Skagen in Denmark to work with Johannes Nyholms upcoming feature film.
I made the Costume- and Set Design and Make-Up.

On a camping trip out in the woods a couple are reliving a traumatic night over and over again. The story is told through their mutual dreams.

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The Röhsska Museum: New Acquisitions

Exhibition at Röhsska Museet
Vasagatan 39, Göteborg
17 sep -16 oct.

You can see my necklace in this exhibition, next to work by Pablo Picasso!

A Super-8 camera, a cockroach girl in china, a necklace made ​​of cords, Swedish prog rock posters and a pottery jug by Picasso. The width among the Röhsska Museum’s recent acquisitions is huge. The museum continously acquires objects within a range of furnitures, ceramics, textiles, glass, jewelery, fashion and graphic design. This exhibition shows samples of the hundreds of items that in recent years has been incorporated with the collections through purchases or donations. Many of them are now displayed for the first time.

Read more: Röhsska Museet


New Book!

by Art Jewelry Forum (Author)
Damian Skinner (Editor)

What is contemporary jewelry? What makes it unique? What distinguishes these objects and practices from other visual arts? Contemporary Jewelry in Perspective provides clear definitions, concise history, and cultural context for the form, along with abundant illustrations of an amazing range of work. Featuring notable contributors from around the world, it offers fascinating discussions on creating, collecting, exhibiting, selling, and wearing these pieces, as well as individual essays that present a global perspective on the art over the past 30 to 40 years. Jewelers, designers, students, collectors, and historians will find this essential reading.

The book is a joint venture between the Art Jewelry Forum ( and Lark Jewelry & Beading.

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