Art Direction, Costume and Set Design.

My professional starting point was Jewellery Art. I always enjoyed investigating and expressing my thoughts and ideas in the form of Jewelley interacting with the body and  the personal sphere.

When working as a Jewellery Artist, I focused on certain moods or feelings. This way of working refined my sense of detail, especially when it comes to noticing how specific elements and subtle nuances can intensify a given situation. This quality also led to a number of collaborations where I mostly do Costume- and Set Design for film and theatre. I find this work context extremely liberating. I really like to have the full responsibility for my work, but I also enjoy being part of larger productions.

Since 2013, I am no longer active as a Jewellery Artist. I do not find it as enjoyable or meaningful as I used to. Therefore, I have decided to make space for projects that I find more interesting and more gratifying. I now know what I like and where I can contribute. This gives me the right energy and the best result!

Download CV in pdf-format here: CV-Pia.Aleborg.2017.09.01