I have a fascination for the daily and private life, the lives people live and the
things they surround themselves with. All those things which together create and give shape to the spheres in which people live. For me the interest is however on a more general than personal level. It is so obvious that people are different so that in it selves becomes uninteresting. What interests me more is the common and general quality of the personal, like personal items, clothes, textiles, furniture etc. Everything that together with the person makes up the daily and the private.

In the Observations project I visited a number of women in their homes and using the camera sought to
capture the specific mood and feeling surrounding each woman. Revisiting the photographs I then tried to find elements in them that in some way moved me.

It could be anything from the appearance of a dining table set, to a dirty lamp fringe, or just the stiff way a crocheted cloth hangs over the end of a table.

All these observations and peculiarities are the essence of each piece of jewellery; every piece is a direct result and an interpretation of my specific observations.

Pictures by Anna-Mia Brolund

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